APS Small Grants for Teaching Projects

This project is funded by APS Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science

After more than 50 years of the establishment of psychological teaching in Indonesia, public understandings of the specific contributions that can and cannot be expected from psychology as a science are still scarcely rare. College students are typically involved as agent of change in many societal events in Indonesia, therefore it is crucial for them to be more psychologically literate.

This project is conducted in the form of a half-day conference and expo for college students in Malang with free admission. Exhibited products include (i) model kits routinely used in pseudoscientific practices (ii) instruments from our own experimental research, and (iii) lists of problematic terminology in psychology. By attending this event, participants are expected to be able to explore product demonstrations related to pseudoscientific practices, acknowledge the importance of science communicators, curb terminological misinformation and confusion related to the area of psychology, distinguish psychological science from psychological scientists, understand the importance of philosophy of mind and biological basis of behaviour and mental processes, recognise the power of social media platforms, and incorporate critical reading to news reports with a science component.

APS Pre launch event: Pseudoscience in the practice of psychotherapy (General lecture and poster exhibition)

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