Education channel: 23rd letter

23rd letter is a project aiming to address misconceptions about Psychological Science in everyday conversation, helping set straight what people mistakenly believe about the little tidbits in Psychology with sourced statements, debunking pseudoscientific beliefs and myths in Psychology, and answering a few questions regarding the discussed topics in the meantime. The project is named after the twenty-third letter in Greek alphabet, the letter psi (Ψ), which has become a commonplace symbol for Psychology and its related disciplines.

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EPISODE 1: You’re Lying!

The first episode, titled “Kamu Bohong!” (“You’re Lying!”), tackles the issue of pseudoscience around the topic of deception (e.g. polygraph test, generalized gestural guide) and the risks associated with the said issue. It also provides research-backed solutions to the issue, and the project expect to use this facts-against-fiction approach with its lighthearted tone as the template for future episodes, at least until user feedback help us improve the project’s delivery method.

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