Aggression and mindfulness

This experiment focused on the effect of mindfulness in reductions of post-depletion aggression, specifically indirect verbal aggression.

Participants (N = 56; 50% females) were orthogonally assigned to a 2 (ego-depletion task: depletion vs. no-depletion) x  2 (mindfulness induction: mindfulness vs. no-mindfulness) between-subjects design. Aggression was measured as participants’ job relevant evaluation towards confederate who had ostensibly rated their essay as “being bad”.

Contrary to hypothesis, the moderation of mindfulness was found only among female participants, in which depleted females who received mindfulness induction showed higher levels of aggression in comparison to the other female groups.

By Mohammad Auzan Apta Widagdo (Mar – Sep 2014).

Supervised by Sumi Lestari and Cleoputri Yusainy.

Individual article can be downloaded here.

This experiment was a replication study from: