Social exclusion

Past experiments have shown that social exclusion may increase people’s tendency to behave aggressively, however the roles of individual differences are still inconclusive. This study aims to explore the dynamics of individual differences in general aggression, sensitivity to aggressive triggers, self-control, and mindfulness as potential moderators on the link between social exclusion and aggressive behaviors.

By Sigit Mardianto Nugroho, Latifah M., Neny Aryani Nurizky Rahayu, Ahmad Ibnu Athohilla, Trincy Tiza Telecita, Rina Muawwanah, Rokhmah Kusumaning Dyah, Fiqqi Fadillah, Shafira Asiva Suri, Ni Nyoman Laksmi Puspa, and Rurry Yolanda  (Oct 2016 – Mar 2017).

Supervised by Cleoputri Yusainy.

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