Journal articles

Keynote speech

  • Sep 28 – Okt 02, 2015. Yusainy C. The current circumstances of social sciences: Internal conditions, multidiscipline issue, and the challenge of the era. [Keynote speaker in 2015 International Symposium on Social Science, Arts and Humanities (SYSSARM 2015). Newcastle University International Singapore, Shanghai Jaio Tong University, and Malaysian Technical Society Association. Bali, Indonesia].
  • Sep 04 – 06, 2015. Yusainy, C. Profil lulusan ilmu-ilmu sosial berdaya saing ASEAN: Kini dan nanti. [Speech presented in Musyawarah Nasional V Dekan FISIP se-Indonesia. Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Brawijaya. Malang, Indonesia].


  • 22 Aug, 2017. Yusainy, C., Chawa, A. F., Kholifah, S, & Hikmiah, Z. Current conversations on physical and mental disabilities issues. International Conference of ASEAN Golden Anniversary: Embracing ASEAN Community, Harmonizing Diversity. Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia.
  • Feb 13, 2017. Yusainy, C., Akhrani, L.A., Nurwanti, R., & Perwiradara, Y. Tit-for-tat today: My selfie, your reputation. [Paper presented in the International conference on socio-political entrepreneurship: Policy and Practices toward Asian Centrality. Malang, Indonesia).
  • 12 Feb, 2016. Yusainy, C., Herani, I., Dharmawan, I. R. J, & Semedi, B. P. No health without mental health: Dinamika stigma kepada penyandang disabilitas fisik dan mental. [Paper presented in National Seminar Contribution of Academics in Sustainable Development Goals, 53th Dies Natalis Universitas Brawijaya. Malang, Indonesia]. ISBN: 978-602-74352-0-9.
  • Jan 10 – 11, 2014. Yusainy, C. Re-wiring stress: Musing on Eastern contemplative wisdom of mindfulness. [Poster presented in the 5th International Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology Conference. Surakarta, Indonesia].