Affect regulation: Visual stimuli

The goal of this experiment (N = 260) was to compare various affect regulation strategies (mindfulness vs. reappraisal vs. distraction vs. suppression) on ratings of attractiveness or aversiveness of affective visual stimuli. Affective states were induced using three sets of positive, negative, and neutral stimuli from the International Affective Picture System (Lang, Bradley, & Cuthbert, 2007) presented using Psychopy v 1.82. Healthy regulation was reported by participants in the reappraisal and mindfulness conditions.

By Ignatius Ryan, Riska Andari, Maria Ulfatul, Rizky Tiyas, and BQ Hanny (Sep 2014 – Feb 2015).

Supervised by Cleoputri Yusainy and Ratri Nurwanti.

Co-supervised by Calvin Octavianus.

Individual articles can be downloaded here.

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