Emotion-affect #2

This experiment was conducted in tandem to another experiment on the role of individual differences in self-control, alexythimia, and rumination on the structure of current affect. Participants were asked to provide non-verbal pictorial ratings of Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM: Bradley & Lang, 1994) i.e., the pleasure and arousal associated with their affective reactions to 60 visual stimuli from the International Affective Picture System (Lang, Bradley, & Cuthbert, 2007).

By Dian Lestari, Dian Safitri, and Dsk Ayu Diandra (Oct 2015 – Mar 2016).

Supervised by Cleoputri Yusainy and Ika Herani.

Co-supervised by Ignatius Ryan and Bima Pusaka Semedhi.

Individual articles can be downloaded here.

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